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Seamless Transition

Seamless Transition

What is Seamless Transition?

This enables employees, leaving the company, a retirement fund to preserve their capital through a preservation fund. We help arrange a seamless transition from one to the other.

Why Seamless Transition?

Seamless Transition will help your employees see the impact it may have on their retirement if they either preserve the capital or spend it. For most of us, the money we have saved in our retirement fund is probably our largest pool of savings. Your employees’ retirement fund is certainly their most important asset and will largely determine how financially secure they will be, when retiring one day.

It’s about your pot of gold at the end of your rainbow

When changing jobs, there are three options when it comes to retirement savings:
Spend the money
Save it
Or both!

Making a decision…..

On retiring, wouldn’t you rather have your children depend on you without it changing your life and way of living, than you having to depend on them?